Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Automobile Lapbook

This week I've been working on the automobile lapbook.

I have learned about the transmission, the clutch, the engine, the crankshaft, and the first car made.

Carl Benz was the first person to invent a car. It wasn't safe and it could sometimes knock an arm off the driver when the driver was trying to start it.

Henry Ford later invented a much safer car - The Model T Ford. This car was also affordable, but other cars that were invented were mostly for wealthier people.

After learning about old automobiles and the inventors, the older automobiles are really cool. It's really neat to learn about how the cars changed throughout the years.

I look forward to learning more about cars. Although, I don't have to do a lapbook to learn about cars, all I have to do is listen to Dad!

This is the fourth lapbook I have finished. I am currently working on the Renaissance lapbook and it is really exciting!

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